Team Valley

On Team Valley

Team Valley is renowned as one of the UK’s biggest and most vibrant mixed use business locations. With 700 businesses, 24,000 people and 12,000 vehicles packed into a two square mile area policing the Team Valley used to be a logistical nightmare. Today, a safe and crime free working environment is taken for granted, thanks to the work of Valleywatch.

Valleywatch, one of the region’s leading CCTV monitoring stations, provides Team Valley residents with a unique combination of safety and security services. This includes around-the-clock manned CCTV surveillance from a central location supported by a highly visible fleet of security vehicles which never leave the Valley and, as a result, are never more than 2 miles away from the site of any incident.

Our recently refurbished control centre represents a substantial investment in the long-term safety and security of Team Valley; it also ensures your business is being watched over by one of the most well appointed and well equipped CCTV monitoring stations in the region.



Safe Contractor approved - NSI Gold