Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

At Valleywatch believe in providing a first class level of customer care.  No matter where in the Uk you are based, choosing remote CCTV monitoring from Valleywatch will provide you with a comprehensive range of services which includes all the benefits of on-site manned guards at a fraction of the cost.


Preventing Crime and Vandalism

Valleywatch has a well deserved reputation for helping to prevent crime. Our fully trained team is constantly on the look-out and can react quickly and professionally to any incident.

CCTV Benefits

  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Fast response
  • Peace of mind protection
  • Aids Crime Prevention
  • Avoids False Alarms
  • Customised service
  • Cost effective

Pro-Active and Reactive Monitoring

Valleywatch carries out remote CTV monitoring in two distinct ways; Pro-Active Monitoring provides a 24/7 monitoring service of cameras whilst Reactive Monitoring has cameras linked to sensors on the property; when a sensor is triggered the camera swings to the activity while the system sends an alarm to our Control Room. In both cases any suspicious activity is reported to the Police.

  • Alarm Response - tailored to individual requirements with our operators immediately contacting Emergency Services, a named key holder or other authorised personnel.
  • Audio Warning - tailored continues to provide a major pro-active deterrent. We can use an audio broadcast to try to get an intruder to leave the premises before any harm is done.
  • Speed of Response - key to catching and deterring potential criminals, at Valleywatch we guarantee response speeds which are well inside industry standard.
  • Fighting False Alarms - as all alarm events are confirmed by inspection, false activations are a rarity.

Tailored Solutions

Monitoring of premises is always dictated by customer needs and requirements which is why each of Valleywatch's surveillance solutions is created to best suit the needs of the individual customer. The process starts with a full survey of your site, followed by a comprehensive site report. This report will be discussed with you in detail to ascertain the best service for your needs and ensure a bespoke solution is created.

Client Reports

Valleywatch offers a detailed reporting facility from which you can receive information on the number and times of alarms; the cameras from which these alarms were generated; the reason for the alerts and the number of audio announcements made. This enables you to monitor how well our cutting edge systems are working.

Bespoke Software

We are completely independent and more than happy to work alongside your existing installation or maintenance package provider. However, as different clients use different makes and models of cameras, recording equipment and transmitting devices, we have installed specialist software to deal with this. Our software allows us to handle signals and data from the equipment of most of the major manufacturers and enables our operators to focus on the efficient handling of alarms.

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