Other Services

Other Services

In addition to 24-hour CCTV monitoring on Team Valley and beyond, Valleywatch offers a wide range of additional services guaranteed to provide added peace of mind.

Access Control

We can provide remote visual verification at your gates to let staff, delivery drivers or maintenance teams in and out of you premises without the need for permanently posted guards.

Lone worker protection

It is often the case that staff may be working late or in isolated locations and this can make them vulnerable. We can provide essential security by responding to panic alarms, monitoring the premises on a regular basis and keeping an eye on them when they lock up and walk to their vehicles.

Call-Centre Services

Let Valleywatch be your out of hours contact centre for security issues and other emergencies. For example lone guards or remote workers can call us at regular intervals to make them feel less vulnerable; if we do not hear from them we will instigate a check and raise the alarm.

Emergency Backup

Even if you run your own in-house monitoring service, you must have an emergency backup. Valleywatch can provide this service and you can have video monitoring and emergency calls immediately re-routed to us during power cuts with no loss of continuity.

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